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Kayaking the Rio Cruces Estuaries

Nestled between the Cordillera de la Costa (coastal mountain range), the cities of Valdivia and San José de la Mariquina, the Rio Cruces estuaries and wetlands create a unique environment for black necked swans, herons, sea lions and unique flora and fauna, thus becoming in one of the most protected areas in the southern region of Chile. Today, the local communities are promoting sustainable tourism that allows them to protect the environment and create awareness with local and foreign visitors.

Tour I: Oncol, Tambillo & Río Cruces Sanctuary

This full day activity combines moderate trekking in the Valdivian forest and a scenic boat sailing on the Rio Cruces wetlands, home to hundreds of black necked swans.

Tour II: Kayak around Punucapa

This full day activity will keep you paddling all day from Valdivia / Isla Tejas towards the hidden pier of El Potrero, Punucapa and back to Valdivia. A rich lunch will be served in the small island of Isla Huape.

Tour III: Pelchuquín, San Luis de Alba Fortress, Río Cruces Sanctuary, La Punta

This full day activity encompasses a unique itinerary aboard your kayak. Visit the picturesque town of Pelchuquín, the ruins from the Spanish settlers back in the XVII century at San Luis de Alba fortress, enjoy the estuaries from a different angle by paddling alongside the wetlands and enjoy a traditional Mapuche lunch served by locals at La Punta village.

Tour IV: From Tralcao to Iñipulli

This activity starts by sailing down the Pichoy river aboard a kayak carrier boat towards the heart of the wetlands by sailing the Chorocamayo river, towards the Santa María river, surrounded by the rich Valdivian forest to end at the remote location of Iñipulli.

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